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Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator

Karen Janes

Welcome to my website and to The KJ way!

I am a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, supporting organisations, teams and individuals to flourish, by delivering bespoke Workplace Mindfulness sessions and programmes that both support business outcomes and improve personal wellbeing.

Organisations that have invested in workplace mindfulness have achieved results such as:

  • 30% reduction in stress
  • 14% reduction in burnout symptons
  • 21% increase in resilience
  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 14% increase in focus
  • 6.5% increase in employee engagement

See below for what my customers are saying about my work!

How May I Help You?

I will work with you to discuss and design bespoke Workplace Mindfulness programmes that fit with your organisational culture and meet your business challenges and required people outcomes.

Workplace Mindfulness tools and techniques suit the organisational setting and reflect the needs of people at work. They are short practices, from as little as 2 minutes, that can be done sitting at a desk or in a chair, on your own or with others. These practices are secular and trauma sensitive so they can be fully inclusive of the whole workplace team. Workplace Mindfulness approaches can be offered through sessions for individuals, leaders and teams, or they can be integrated across the whole organisation via the workplace culture and existing people programmes.

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Sample Programmes

Introduction workshops

A practical 1 hour or half day workshop for anyone wanting to understand Workplace Mindfulness and try out some tools and techniques. These popular workshops introduce the benefits of mindfulness at work and explore practices that participants can start using straight away to transform their working day. These workshops also work well as part of a conference or wellbeing week.

Regular practice sessions

 I open a regular 30-45 minute slot in my diary for your organisation. Any of your team members can attend whenever they need a boost to their wellbeing, focus, resilience or effectiveness. Those that come regularly will have the chance to explore how to develop and deepen their own personal mindfulness practice

Mindfulness for success

A 4 or 8 module programme offering experiential learning of the core elements of a formal workplace mindfulness programme, based on the proven MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) model. Over regular 1 hour sessions, participants learn a range of core and micro practices, developing a toolkit of practices that they can use to embed mindfulness into the working day and into your organisational culture.

What my customers say:

“Positive feedback has been the echo of Karen’s recent hybrid-working mindfulness webinar at Christian Aid. The breadth and depth of knowledge that Karen had shown, with practical real-time activities for our global audience to take part in was a unique and worthwhile experience. Karen is always welcome back at Christian Aid, and I hope that we can work together again in future!” Justice Onwuka, Talent and Learning Global Advisor, Christian Aid

“It was a pleasure to work with Karen from the moment she approached us to the delivery of the session. She’s got good practical knowledge about workplace problems and can tailor the practices during the session to the organisation. I have not done much mindfulness before and wasn’t sure it was something for me, but the session was really helpful and practical and I’m going to be using what I’ve learned from Karen to improve my stress response and general wellbeing.” Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa, Organisational Development Lead, Make-A-Wish, UK

“Karen recently ran a mindfulness session at our Volunteering Development team meeting. Everyone in the team really enjoyed the hour-long session which gave us all an opportunity to learn some techniques to help us deal with busy workloads and the challenges of working in a fast-paced environment. Two weeks later, and the team are still talking about the session and practising the techniques. They are also sharing their learning with other colleagues and family members. I cannot recommend Karen enough if you want to help your team reduce stress, and improve focus and resilience through workplace mindfulness.”  Brian, Head of Volunteering, RSPCA

“Karen delivered a webinar for staff and volunteers from across the ADCH membership. Prior to the webinar Karen listened and noted the particular needs of our members. She then created and delivered a bespoke webinar which would best support those needs. The webinar started with an introduction to neuroscience and evidence-based benefits of mindfulness. We then learned a range of practical tools, which everyone enjoyed, and many said they felt an immediate difference. Since the webinar I have used these tools to help me at work and at home.” Therese Davall, Member and Administration Manager, Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH).

“Thank you Karen for such a lovely, enjoyable and accessible introduction to mindfulness.  The session was great and I am confident that the volunteers will benefit from it.  Such a worthwhile experience and I could immediately feel the difference mindfulness practices can make.” Damian Sherwood-Johnson, Volunteer Development Coordinator, Sistema Scotland

Work With Me

I will work with you to discuss your needs and to identify the impact you’re looking for. I’ll design a bespoke programme that fits with your organisational culture, meets your business challenges and your required people outcomes.

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