Transform your life with The Compassion Key

Are you limiting your dream life and holding yourself back from everything you’ve ever wanted?

The Compassion Key may be just what you need to succeed.

Do you sometimes feel stuck in one area of your life or another?  Maybe in your health, relationships, or an area of personal achievement? Maybe you can’t progress the way you’d like to in your work and career, or maybe you can’t get enough customers or profits in your business? 

No matter what you try courses, qualifications, coaching, therapy, nothing seems to really help you get the progress, breakthrough or freedom you desire? Or maybe you get some improvement for a short while, but then you become stuck again? 

There might be something at play in these situations, working against you, that you’re not currently aware of.  A tool called The Compassion Key may provide the solution you need.

What is The Compassion Key?

The Compassion Key is a simple yet powerful process for getting to the root of and overcoming, the blocks, patterns and self-limiting beliefs that hold us back in life.

People who work with The Compassion Key often report breakthroughs in their financial and career lives, relationships and physical and emotional health; as well as achieving a sense of greater alignment with their purpose, feelings of lightness and relief and much more.

If you have one or more areas of your life where you feel stuck, you’re facing disappointment or suffering – this could be for you!  This work has the ability to touch and transform any and all aspects of your life bringing your deepest desires into reality.

How does it work?

Through a very gentle one to one conversation we identify the main challenges and issues that are holding you back in life. 

We seek to trace back through your memories and experiences to find where this problem may have started and we use self-directed compassion to connect with, heal, and integrate any wounded aspects or parts of you, including the ego and inner child, that are causing the challenge to exist in your current day life.

Offering self-compassion and love to these parts can release stuck energy, blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns, enabling you to be your very best self, reach your full potential and achieve what you want in every aspect of your life. 

The process unfolds naturally and intuitively, always goes at your pace and only considers information that you are ready to bring forward. Even if you are not sure what the challenge is, or you don’t know of any related memories or experiences, the process still works and can bring huge benefits to your life.

What my clients are saying

This testimonial is from Natalie, who I worked with for 4 sessions

“I went into my first Compassion Key session with Karen not knowing what to expect but totally open to the experience. From the outset, Karen created a warm, gentle space where I immediately felt safe to explore my conscious and unconscious feelings without judgement. 

Karen is incredibly intuitive and deals so sensitively and so compassionately with whatever shows up during the sessions. She guided me gently on a journey of self-discovery, healing and self-compassion. I came away from my first session feeling instantly lighter. 

During subsequent sessions she further helped me to unlock deep-rooted memories and feelings that had been troubling me (subconsciously) my entire life. Karen gave me the space and tools to connect with my past self and practice self-compassion for past events. I felt as though a physical weight had been lifted and space had been cleared to allow trauma to heal and for positive events to begin to happen in my life. 

Karen’s Compassion Key sessions have had a phenomenal and lasting effect on every aspect of my life. The positive changes have been noticed by all around me. She left me feeling empowered, with a deeper sense of self-connection. 

I highly recommend Karen’s Compassion Key sessions. Whether you have unresolved issues or trauma you wish to heal or if you wish to explore manifesting positive changes in your life, Karen will gently guide you along the path to do so.”


The sessions

Sessions are delivered on-line over Zoom on a one to one basis and usually last one hour. 

The first session can take slightly longer as we go over the framework behind the Compassion Key practice and discuss your biggest challenges to determine our starting point for this powerful work. 

Sessions are £150 each. Sometimes one session is all you need to unblock a pattern, and other times you may need more.

Current offer

I am passionate about this work and keen to use it to transform more lives. Currently, when you buy your first session, I will gift a second session to a friend or colleague of yours. In this way, I am able to reach more people with this amazing tool and spread more self-compassion throughout the world.

Find out more

Please get in touch if you would like to book a chat to find out more about this powerful tool.